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Jr Flyers Girls College List

Jr Flyers Girls since 2017

75+ NCAA Commits, including: 

30+ NCAA D-I 


First Name  

Last Name School Start Year
Ava Thomas Boston College (NCAA D-I) 2025-26
Kayla Czukoski Saint Anselm College (NCAA D-I) 2025-26
Camryn Grimley UCONN (NCAA D-I) 2025-26
Ellie Dimatos Princeton (NCAA D-I) 2025-26


Scott Merrimack College (NCAA D-I) 2025-26
Lucy Thiessen Dartmouth College (NCAA D-I) 2025-26
Stella Costabile Syracuse University (NCAA D-I) 2024-25
Gia Mancy Union College (NCAA D-I) 2024-25
Amanda Aslan Holy Cross (NCAA D-I) 2024-25
Eden Granley Holy Cross (NCAA D-I) 2024-25
Nicola Forth Saint Anselm College (NCAA D-I) 2024-25
Ella Sennick Quinnipiac University (NCAA D-I) 2024-25
Maelee Ambrass RPI (NCAA D-I) 2024-25
Bella Mele Bowdoin College (NCAA D-III) 2023-24
Sarah Dobrzynski MSOE (NCAA D-III) 2023-24
Nicolette Bardsley Chatham University (NCAA D-III) 2023-24
Bonnie Mundy Chatham University (NCAA D-III) 2023-24
Samantha Stead Kings College (NCAA D-III) 2023-24
Grace McGee MCLA (NCAA D-III) 2023-24
Maggie Jacoby Nazareth College (NCAA D-III) 2023-24
Lindsay Moses Nazareth College (NCAA D-III) 2023-24
Mady Cipolla Northeastern University (NCAA D-I) 2023-24
Kaylee Lewis

University of Vermont (NCAA D-I)

Laney Potter University of Wisconsin (NCAA D-I) 2023-24
Mattie Robitzer Northeastern University (NCAA D-I) 2023-24
Nicole Pietrucha Adrian College (NCAA D-III) 2023-24
Thalia D'Elia Robert Morris University (NCAA D-I) 2023-24
Kiley Mastel St. Lawrence University (NCAA D-I) 2022-23
Kayla Myers Hilbert College (NCAA D-III) 2022-23
Taya Balfour SUNY Plattsburgh (NCAA D-III) 2022-23
Margot Oxman Curry College (NCAA D-III) 2022-23
Galen Kilfeather Conn. College (NCAA D-III) 2022-23
Leah Rubinshteyn Williams College (NCAA D-III) 2022-23
Kathryn Palmer Alvernia University (NCAA D-III) 2022-23
India McDadi Brown University (NCAA D-I) 2022-23
Jillian Wexler Norwich University (NCAA D-III) 2022-23
Sarah Davies Lindenwood University (NCAA D-I) 2022-23
Lara Beecher University of Vermont (NCAA D-I) 2022-23
Katherine Khramtsov Princeton University (NCAA D-I) 2022-23
Makayla Javier Mercyhurst University (NCAA D-I) 2022-23
Leah Stecker Penn State University (NCAA D-I) 2022-23
Grace Dwyer Cornell University (NCAA D-I) 2022-23
Mandy Kaminsky Kings College (NCAA D-III) 2021-22
Alyssa Wruble University of Maine (NCAA D-I) 2021-22
Kaylee Voss Neumann University (NCAA D-III) 2021-22
Maddie Jukus SUNY Morrisville (NCAA D-III) 2021-22
Syd Bradley Alvernia University (NCAA D-III) 2021-22
Emily Bozzi Suffolk University (NCAA D-III) 2021-22
Rachel Martin SUNY Plattsburgh (NCAA D-III) 2021-22
Kylie Aquaro RIT (NCAA D-I) 2021-22
Payton Hansen Endicott College (NCAA D-III) 2021-22
Julia Franklin Suffolk University (NCAA D-III) 2021-22



Cornell University (NCAA D-I)


Riley Grimley UCONN (NCAA D-I) 2021-22
Ava Rinker UCONN (NCAA D-I) 2021-22
Hannah O'Rourke Arcadia University (NCAA D-III) 2021-22
Sophia Boyle Chatham University (NCAA D-III) 2020-21
Emily Brightbill Stevenson University (NCAA D-III) 2020-21
Katelyn Reid Stevenson University (NCAA D-III) 2020-21
Eva Hamel William Smith College (NCAA D-III) 2020-21
Jordan Hower Middlebury College (NCAA D-III) 2021-22
Sally Solotaroff-Webber Bowdoin College (NCAA D-III) 2021-22
Jane McCarter Bowdoin College (NCAA D-III) 2021-22
Jackie Miller Bowdoin College (NCAA D-III) 2021-22
Raelena Hughes Kings College (NCAA D-III) 2020-21
Sierra Moore St. Olaf College (NCAA D-III) 2020-21
Ainsley Shin St. Olaf College (NCAA D-III) 2020-21
Emma Simpson Lebanon Valley (NCAA D-III) 2019-20
Georgia Wunder Neumann  U. (NCAA D-III) 2019-20
Lauren  Czymek Alvernia  U. (NCAA D-III) 2019-20
Gianna Manzi Wilkes College (NCAA D-III) 2019-20
Katelyn  Brightbill Franklin Pierce College (NCAA D-I) 2019-20
Annika Neufeld-Kreider SUNY Oswego (NCAA D-III) 2018-19
Delaney  Carle Nazareth College (NCAA D-III) 2018-19
Miki Rubin Nazareth College (NCAA D-III) 2018-19
Taylor Cullen Neumann U. (NCAA D-III) 2018-19
Jacy  Kuhlman Endicott College (NCAA D-III) 2018-19
Libby Barbato

St. Norbert's College (NCAA D-III)

Alexa Weiderhold SUNY Canton (NCAA D-III) 2017-18
Kate Winstanley Norwich U. (NCAA D-III) 2017-18
Abby Shows Stevenson U. (NCAA D-III) 2017-18
Nina Pugliese Lebanon Valley College (NCAA D-III) 2017-18

Ellie Dimatos commits to Princeton University (NCAA D-I)

By Jr Flyers Girls 09/21/2023, 11:30am EDT

Congratulations to 19U defenseman, Ellie Dimatos, on her commitment to Princeton University for the Fall of 2025.

Lucy Thiessen commits to Dartmouth College (NCAA D-I)

By Jr Flyers Girls 09/20/2023, 6:00pm EDT

Congratulations to Lucy Thiessen on her commitment to Dartmouth College for the Fall of 2025.  The Dartmouth Big Green are members of ECAC Hockey.

Congratulations to 19U T1 forward, Stella Costabile, on her commitment to Syracuse University (NCAA D-I) for the fall of 2024.  Syracuse plays in the College Hockey America (CHA) Conference.

With Stella's commitment, there will be a JRF alum on each CHA team when she gets to campus: Penn State (Stecker '22), Mercyhurst (Javier '22), RIT (Aquaro '21), RMU (D'Elia '23) and Lindenwood (Davies '22).

Stella has been with the Jr Flyers Girls since she was 12U.  Congratulations, Stella!

19U Tier I Senior night 2022-23

By CB 01/27/2023, 1:30pm EST

Congrats to our 10 HS Seniors

Congratulations to the graduating Seniors from the 2022-2023 19U Tier I team:

Sarah Dobrzynski - MSOE 2023

Kayson Ruegge - Post grad/undecided

Maggie Jacoby - Nazareth 2023

Amanda Aslan - Post grad/ Holy Cross 2024

Gia Mancy - Post grad/ Union 2024

Eden Granley - Post grad/ Holy Cross 2024

Laney Potter - Wisconsin 2023

Lindsay Moses - Nazareth 2023

Faith Dababneh - Post grad/undecided

Bella Mele - Bowdoin 2023



16U captain commits to Hockey East for 2025

Congratulations to Taylor Scott on her commitment to Merrimack College for the fall of 2025.  Merrimack is a member of Hockey East is located in North Andover, MA.

Scott is in her 3rd season with the Jr Flyers and is the captain on the 16U Tier I team.  The right-handed D is currently second on the team in scoring.

Congrats, T-Scott!!!




Amanda Aslan commits to Holy Cross (NCAA D-I)

By News 11/23/2022, 8:30am EST

19U Center commits for 2024-25 season

Eden Granley commits to Holy Cross (NCAA D-I)

By News 11/23/2022, 8:30am EST

19U Forward commits for 2024-25 season

Congratulations to Eden Granley on her commitment to Holy Cross for the fall fo 2024!  The Crusaders are a member of Hockey East and are located in Worcester, MA.

The Utah-native has tallied 7 goals on the season, while playing both Center and Wing.

Congrats, Eden!



Ella Sennick commits to Quinnipiac (NCAA D-I)

By CB 10/08/2022, 8:15am EDT

We are proud to announce the commitment of 19U defenseman, Ella Sennick, to Quinnipiac University for the Fall of 2024!

Congrats, Ella! Well deserved.

Lucy Thiessen commits to Harvard (NCAA D-I)

By CB 09/26/2022, 2:00pm EDT

19U defenseman going Ivy League

Congratulations to Lucy Thiessen on announcing her commitment to one of the most prestigious schools in the country, Harvard University! Lucy will be continuing her hockey and academic career in Cambridge, MA. in the Fall of 2025. Lucy is currently on the 19U T1 and is in her 3rd season with the Jr Flyers.

Congrats, Lucy!!

Congrats to Maggie Jacoby on her commitment to Nazareth College for the fall of 2023!

Maggie is a power forward/defenseman, who finished 2nd on the team in scoring at 2022 Nationals en route to a 19U Tier I Silver medal finish. She scored 3 goals in 6 games, including a breakaway goal in the quarterfinals (pictured).

Congrats to Coby! She’ll be joining teammate, Lindsay Moses, at Naz next fall.